My colleagues and I recently took part in the Sentinel Total Commercial Call course. I have attended numerous commercial skills training courses previously and the way that Sentinel approached it was unique, by breaking down the elements of negotiation and selling for delegates to get a fuller understanding of all aspects involved.

The course was brought together in the final day’s training in which we acted out a real “live” role-play of an upcoming business situation. I found this invaluable in enabling me to understand tactics and approaches that could be used by customers in a “live environment”. The role-plays were challenging in a positive way and helped delegates focus on improving skills and minimising the use of soft language and not giving something away without getting something in return. As the trainer was an experienced retail operator this made it all the more “real”.

By enabling me personally to take a step back and begin to plan more effectively, the trainer really challenged existing thought process and what my business is looking to achieve with our retail customers, with the ultimate goal of getting better results – which I’m sure this will course will help achieve!

Sentinel Management Consultants deliver sales, negotiation, planning and finance training courses for our clients worldwide.