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Specific Proposal Selling

Building better deals faster by presenting your offer in the buyer’s language and by tailoring your sell to meeting their needs.

Many sales-people can lose a sale or aggravate the buyer by being too complex in their approach, or worse still, unclear in their ‘ask’ of their customer or client. Sentinel’s Specific Proposal Selling workshop centres your sell on the proposal you make in order to maximise impact and results whilst still identifying and addressing buyer needs. The workshop is intensively trained by senior ex-buyers and sellers from top blue-chip retailers and supplier organisations utilising the real-life case studies of
delegates to maximise recall.

Most sales frameworks focus on meeting the needs of the buyers and the soft skills of questioning, then communicating benefits. Sentinel go further; our simple 5 step process encourages a more direct and commercial approach to selling, centred on the specific proposal targeted against the identified needs of the client or customer. We build your selling stories based on the identified needs of the customer and the creation of compelling, engaging and motivating commercial hooks to draw the buyer to say yes. We will show you how to effectively focus your sells into as few as 5 slides creating a concise yet sharp and impactful presentation.

In short; fewer words and more focused action.


  • Using compelling selling messages that get straight to the point, and that engage and motivate your buyer
  • Encouraging a mind-set of big changes to big things
  • Reducing internal preparation time whilst maximising impact
  • Using advanced questioning techniques to better understand your buyers needs
  • Using compelling commercial argumentation
  • Focusing on collaboration between you and the customer
  • Clarity in articulation and valuing of your proposition
  • Managing genuine objections with control
  • Storyboarding, threading the story and presenting with impact
  • Effectively and efficiently managing objections

Individual feedback reports allow a post-course focus and benchmarking within a team and across your industry.

Advanced level

  • 2 days
  • Face-to-Face
  • 4 delegates to 1 consultant
  • Essential for: sales leaders and account managers

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