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Winning under a Grocery Code of Conduct

Savvy use of the code for commercial teams.

Open Specific Proposal Selling

At Sentinel, we have carefully studied all elements of the codes in UK, Canada and Australia and then packaged and clustered them to be understood and dealt with effectively, in the moment by commercial teams.

We drill delegates using realistic practice role plays showing them how to react and respond when they sense non-compliance and allow restoration to a productive commercial agenda.

What makes these workshops different?

Understanding the code is important; we show how it can be used in day-to-day real world commercial interactions to avoid major issues rather than solely being used after the event. Targeted at the people
who benefit most from support; the commercial team.

The workshops recognises there is ambiguity inherent in the code, but also how this can be overcome with someone who is confident in using it without being a legal expert.


  • Understanding the code in order to establish what can be said or done which breaches it
  • Using the code effectively without necessarily invoking it, and also using it as a tool to manage issues before they become breaches or problems
  • Dealing with the ambiguity within the code, therefore not allowing doubt to result in in-action
  • Recognising a genuine breach of the code and judge the severity of that breach in order to establish action required
  • Understand how to react when it is in your long-term interest to invoke formal proceedings
  • Responding effectively and appropriately in each case, restoring commercial logic and returning to a positive value building agenda with the customer

Advanced level

  • 1 day
  • Face-to-Face
  • 8 delegates to 1 consultant
  • Essential for: sales leaders and account managers

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