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What We Do And How We Do It

Sentinel Management Consultants are a global provider of commercial skills training, consultancy and agency services to a wide range of large and small commercial national, regional and multinational clients. Our aim is to make your commercial goals a reality, recognising the unique needs of your business combined with a practical ‘keep it real;’ approach of our consultants who have lived and done the roles themselves.
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What We Do And How We Do It

Making Training Real

Within the Capability and skills training division, we help to maximise results through your team.

We train all the key competencies of today’s top Commercial Managers in one unique coherent system.

Our style is Making Training Real using your business examples instead of theoretical cases. Our consultants are experienced senior commercial managers and top-level negotiators from companies including Tesco, Walmart, Coca Cola and P&G who have experience in a wide range of markets, from Johannesburg to Moscow, Chicago to Auckland and London to Tokyo. We get ‘under the skin‘ of your issues, bringing training to life by embracing your business culture and the market norms that you operate within.

Strategy to Execution
What We Do And How We Do It

Making Brands Come Alive, from Strategy to Execution

Our style is making brands come alive with a personalised approach by client and bespoke commercial choices designed to help clients deliver success via maximising the ROI of their investment.

We focus on making sure we help design and align the best strategies to underpin each project and then work tirelessly to bring them alive with retailers, partners and stakeholders.

We have a relentless attention to detail and keep contingency plans in play to ensure we can add value to a project when priorities, resources and/or investment requires.

Sentinel Management Consultants deliver sales, negotiation, planning and finance training courses for our clients worldwide.