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We get consistently outstanding feedback about the content, relevance and delivery of our programmes and courses. In fact, the satisfaction rating of our workshops from delegates average 97%. In addition, we receive unsolicited testimonials about the impact our training has had from delegates and client owners alike. Client confidentiality means we cannot share all of these on this site, but a few examples follow to give you a flavour of how our training is received.

Speaking from personal experience, the program has provided me with a step change in how I approach customer development and has been the most beneficial training programs I have ever attended.

European Strategy Director – Global FMCG Brand

I really appreciated the thoughtful feedback you provided to each one of us. I know that we are already putting the new found skills to use and have actually changed the stakes in our key negotiations. Having the team see me adjust my mindset when approaching our negotiations is the first step. So thank you for your candid feedback and enabling me to be comfortable going through the training with my team.

Senior Vice President – Global E-Commerce Brand

We have used Sentinel for some years in different areas. Sales training/ Negotiation skills were probably the first we did together. The big work we did the last two years was the Integration work after our major acquisitions. We also had a large improvement project called Turnaround, including a Sentinel development program for the total Sales & Marketing organisation.

I can only give you the best recommendations for the team at Sentinel. Very professional, hardworking and meeting all targets. During the last years I have used lots of Consultancy Company’s in many countries and Sentinel was great to work with.

Manufacturing Director, Europe

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the negotiation skills course last week. I really enjoyed the 2 days and thought you did a great job at keeping the energy levels up despite having the venue, food and the tough crowd stacked against you.

I will definitely be making the most of the skills you have taught me and I’m sure I’ll be seeing dividends rolling in.

Channel Manager, Europe

This is a note to comment on how valuable the course delivered by Sentinel will be. The content and course tutor were excellent and I know there will be a commercial pay back for our company. We can sometimes offer “negative” feedback when on an intense course so it is worthy to highlight when such a course is very “positive”

Senior NAM

Over the years that I have worked for this company, this course was the best negotiation course I have ever attended. This course has really opened my mind about negotiating.


Thanks very much for the presentation skills course yesterday. I have to say that it was the best training course I have been on and you have completely restored my faith in corporate training courses. It was fantastic to see myself and everyone else learn and come so far on the day. My ‘things to watch out for’ are saved on my phone screen saver so I am always reminded.

Channel Manager, Europe

My team has also seen plenty of development. Three of my subordinates received a promotion and I’m sure that such results were possible due to your efforts in the training. I feel that my professional level has improved overall since the seminar, so I want to thank you very much.

European Head of Market

Probably the most relevant course I’ve been on in 27 years. It focused on the issues that affected us rather than issues which affect a wider sales based environment. Sometimes we lose focus on what is happening and we are programmed to be firm but nice……..and while it’s important to always remain professional, we don’t have to be ‘nice’ all the time. As we roll this out and the rest of the business understands the position we, and they, are in then to be able to walk into somewhere with a feeling of strength, and actually with backing, will make a huge difference. The role plays are always anticipated with much fear, but actually because all were done in a group situation, it felt far less staged and became more realistic because you were not individually put in an unreal situation. It worked for everyone.

Senior NAM

For me this was easily the most beneficial training course I have been on in my working career, it is essential for NAMs to have this skill set to effectively manage the demands of retailers. It highlights the need for a cultural change internally in how we approach retail by encouraging a more ‘silver’ working relationship with stakeholders. From a personal perspective I would have rated myself as a good negotiator prior to this course, however the course has highlighted how I can significantly improve in this area.

Account Controller

Thank you for the recent session you ran, which gave us clear actions which we will activate – but it also demonstrated and embedded core behaviours and values that will create lasting advantage for the team and our business.

Director, Europe

Over the 2 power days with Sentinel we worked on our issue of a key customer demanding £1.7m or we would be delisted. We went into the next customer meeting following the training with a clear position: “We know what you are doing and do you really want to take that path with all the repercussions on both sides or work with us in a spirit of cooperation where we can both get what we want

We ended up trading a £50k payment for the £1.7m demand to go away and in addition asked for and got an additional 10% business worth £2m turnover. Needless to say…. delighted!