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High Impact Presentation Skills

The ability to deliver memorable, high impact presentations.

Designed for professionals who present on a regular basis and want to take their impact, storyboarding and messaging skills to another level, this program will develop the ability to deliver memorable, high impact presentations.

Presenting to an audience – no matter how large – is for some considered to be one of the most stressful events. But it doesn’t have to be that way. High Impact Presentation Skills taps into the skills and techniques used by professional presenters.

Whether you want to prepare for a speech at a major conference or build skills and confidence ahead of a customer meeting, we can help make sure your message lands with clarity and impact.

We work across the board, with Chief Execs and managers at all levels, this in-depth workshop creates the confidence and techniques to really stretch presentation skills.

Suited to those who already have a basic understanding of presentation skills, but want to further improve their ability to inspire an audience.


  • Understanding visual, vocal & verbal communication
  • The power of words & the importance of style
  • Organising the presentation: story-telling & storyboarding
  • Visual & emotional sign posting
  • PowerPoint rules
  • Controlling nerves
  • Emotional engagement
  • Handling difficult audiences
  • Finishing with a final message

Training and feedback based on practical exercises and video role play

Advanced level

  • 2 days
  • Face-to-Face
  • 8 delegates to 1 consultant

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