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Strategy Development & Situational Analysis

Consistent, thorough and rigorous methodology for situational analysis & strategic solutions.

Winning in An Omni-Channel & Multi-Channel World

Sentinel’s Strategy workshop uses the SCOPE process to analyse, define and develop strategic solutions in a consistent, thorough and rigorous manner.

The workshop is designed to analyse and provide strategic solutions to your real-world issues & opportunities, and at the same time introduce a process for ongoing use within commercial teams.

The SCOPE programme: Situational Assessment, Critical Challenge, Options Analysis, Planning, Execution ensures that teams rigorously analyse opportunities within a consistent strategic framework,
ensuring clarity on the understanding of the challenge, before developing and executing strategies.

Using a market simulation case study, delegates are tasked with developing a plan to profitably step-change a business, the techniques are then applied to their own business situation in order to identify
key areas of opportunity, and a provide a plan to exploit them.


  • Developing consistency in the approach to analysing information and creating business plans
  • Providing clarity on relevant business drivers through thorough analysis
  • Promoting strategic direction and business alignment on long-term solutions

Advanced level

  • 3 days
  • Face-to-Face
  • 8 delegates to 1 consultant
  • Essential for: sales leaders, account managers and broader commercial teams

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