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Strategy Assessment

We review your strategies and ensure they are ‘fit for ‘purpose’ (Where to Play & How to Win).
Strategy Assessment

We provide clear and actionable guidance on your strategic choices re ‘Where to Play’ and ‘How to Win’ – both are critical elements of defining whether your brand proposition is ‘fit for purpose’ in a post Covid world where shopping habits have changed and where technology enabled shopping has discovered new record levels of penetration. Our focus on ‘Where to Play’ guides our clients to leverage the right channels and the right retailers at the right time for each specific proposition. Blended with the right sequencing of your engagement plans, this then helps each client take full control of their operating model and maximise their investment and use of resources.

Our advice on ‘How to Win’ is informed by many years of launching brands and products across a host of sectors, categories, channels, retailers and countries where the choices related to investment, ranging (including portfolio management), product, packaging, pricing, promotion, merchandising and supply chain have been pivotal in defining success. We ensure your branded proposition gets fully assessed in all these commercial areas, thus enabling you to make the best choices to optimise success.

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