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Commercial Consultancy

We undertake focused and data / insight lead studies to enable financially feasible and winning action plans.


Commercial Consultancy

Some clients use Sentinel to supplement their ‘in house’ capabilities and conduct bespoke pieces of research and analysis. We have the skills, tools and models that enable us to dig deeply and quickly into a broad range of data and insight sources and to make sense out of complexity. These tasks might range from helping a client decide whether to launch a brand / product / variant, or alternatively, how best to structure their organisation to meet the needs of a new business or opportunity. It might link to the investment model they choose to adopt or how they can operate more efficiently to deliver a higher ROI.

Clients have a broad range of commercial consultancy needs and our mission at Sentinel is to ensure we are well placed to deploy the right consultants with the right skills at the right time to these varying needs. Allied to the work of our Capability & Skills Training business unit at Sentinel, we are skilled at balancing the varied needs of our clients in bespoke and personalised ways. The key is to help our clients win and win sustainably.

Sentinel Management Consultants deliver sales, negotiation, planning and finance training courses for our clients worldwide.