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Account Development

We leverage our expertise to expand and grow your business across all KPIs and with outstanding relationship management.


Account Development

Developing an account’s business is an ongoing challenge. Change is everywhere and retail is never static! To this end, we pride ourselves in being able to develop and grow our client’s business across the short, medium and long term. This requires a close relationship with buyers and their multi functional partners allied to regular updates and business reviews. The use of scorecards and tracking documents play a critical role in our relationship management model and applies to the way we work with both retailers and clients alike.

One of the key areas of contribution to our clients is contingency planning. This means being able to establish an operating model that prompts action at the right time to build on success, or to fix areas of under performance in a timely and efficient way. The methodology of having a list of contingency plans, fully costed and ready to action at any time, has a track record of proven in market success for our clients.

Sentinel Management Consultants deliver sales, negotiation, planning and finance training courses for our clients worldwide.