Labour’s National Food Strategy aim is laudable, but will drive inflation

When I next sit down to write this column, we will know the outcome of the general election. If the polls are correct, we will be bracing ourselves for an industry arse-kicking under Labour. We may then be implementing the National Food Strategy as Labour’s off-the-peg route to a healthier, more sustainable food system. While I’m a […]

Morrisons must sell suppliers a clear turnaround vision

We all have a soft spot for Morrisons. It’s been hard to watch the catastrophic share decline of this former big four bastion. It’s now set to become the sixth-largest supermarket, behind Aldi and Lidl, later this year. Sir Ken Morrison is remembered by employees for his ‘retail is detail’ mantra and driving high in-store standards. The same is now […]

Suppliers: survive the recession by mastering three trends

Don’t allow the pessimism around a new ‘recession’ to drag you into defensive mode. There are many opportunities, and those presented by three trends in particular will make you future fit, or set you on a tragic trajectory, depending on how you embrace them.

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