How supermarket shoppers became part of a £2bn goldrush

How supermarket shoppers became part of a £2bn goldrush

Grocers follow in the footsteps of Amazon in pursuit of retail’s ‘holy grail’. In the final weeks of the year, social media becomes awash with posts from Spotify subscribers sharing their most listened-to songs, artists and music genres. 

An open letter to the CMA: your profiteering accusations are damaging

In this week’s column, I would like to write an open letter to CMA CEO Sarah Cardell. I write in relation to the three investigations you are overseeing in relation to retail pricing during the cost of living crisis. The first two reports, which investigated the role of retailers in inflated fuel and food prices, […]

I’ve witnessed misogyny in fmcg negotiations and it needs to stop

Prompted by the allegations behind the recent resignation of Tesco chairman John Allan, I believe it’s a good time to highlight what I consider unacceptable personal abuse frequently witnessed in fmcg. We all know buyers use pressure tactics to make suppliers feel uncomfortable, because it often results in concessions. So, classics such as “the other […]

Suppliers are the latest scapegoat for high food prices. Let’s bust this myth now

Now the government has rightly moved its pointy finger away from retailers, Jeremy Hunt has directed profiteering concerns at suppliers. The concern is there is not enough competition in our apparently sleepy world of fmcg supply. Of course it is madness. We know suppliers are going into administration at an all-time high, and every category […]

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