Capability & Skills Training


Drive your team’s skills and capability to achieve bigger, better, faster, and sustained results.

Sentinel Management Consultants are a global provider of commercial training and consultancy. We train all the key competencies of today’s top Commercial Managers in one unique coherent system. Our style is Making Training Real using your business examples instead of theoretical cases. Our consultants are experienced senior commercial managers and top level negotiators from companies including Tesco, Wal-Mart, Coca Cola and P&G. We get ‘under the skin‘ of your issues, bringing training to life.
Capability & Skills Training

What Makes us Different?

Hard Hitting World Class Models that reflect the real world.

We are known for bringing a ‘real life’ focus into our development Programs. Our use of hard-hitting, real issues and behaviours contrasts with most theoretical training, and results in quantifiable business gains. We have taken care to research and simplify, so that our models are habit forming and ‘catch fire’ in your organisation to create a common language and way of working at every level of the organisation. We focus on embedding and sustainability and we continually update content to meet the needs of a dynamic marketplace.
What makes us different?

We are focused on what we do

The main competencies of the Commercial Account Manager/Director are our key service headings:
In addition, we provide other services related to our Core services
Our clients include large blue chip organisations operating in such industries/sectors as FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Food Service, B2B, Financial Services and Capital goods many of whom we have rolled out programmes from a pilot basis across regions or globally. Whilst being experts in these sectors, we only work with supply side organisations so you can be confident we are not training your trading partners.
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Reflecting the Post Covid reality both in our content and delivery

It’s clear that the way commercial organisations interact with each other has changed significantly as a result of Covid. Less ‘face to face’ meetings, more ‘Zoom’ require different skills from sales teams.

We reflect the virtual nature of many commercial meetings in the post- Covid world, with material to support, as well as being able to deliver training both virtually and ‘face to face’.

Our People have been there, done that, and done it at a senior level

Our consultants are full time employees and are trained coaches and facilitators who have lived the real senior commercial roles, including many who have held positions in procurement or retail buying. Click here to look at profiles of the key team members.

Global Reach,
Local Delivery

We have experience and proven success in management and delivery of global capability platforms in local languages serviced from by our teams in London, Paris, Moscow, Buenos Aires and Sydney. We can deliver in a number of languages including English, French, Russian, German, Hungarian and Spanish.

We deliver a demonstrable return on investment

This combination of development expertise and experience will ensure that you get the best return on investment and through our unique rating system, a real understanding of your team’s needs, strengths and development areas. Whilst we deal with the biggest names and the best companies, we are a lean, young and dynamic organisation with only one tier of management and minimal overheads. Our facilities in Windsor, near Heathrow are purpose built for the training task, so we can provide total efficiency in capability development.

Most Training Fails. Sentinel’s Works

Why is that? Other than the simplicity and real to life nature of our programmes, they reflect the adult learning cycle and have a built in Embedding process to maximise recall, implementation and thus results. Our feedback reports, both at corporate and individual level allow consolidation and a focus going forward.

We have programmes targeted at different needs and levels to create a learning pathway for individuals throughout their career.

Sentinel are passionate about sustaining the skills we train and want to work with clients who feel the same.

Approach tailored to you

Sentinel have established a world-class reputation in training design and delivery through working with our clients, who range from global blue chip companies to local business. We provide a learning pathway tailored to our client’s needs, that build skills as delegate’s progress through their careers as well as solutions to specific needs to apply our skills for tactical wins and organisational growth.

Best delivery

Sentinel’s training consultants actually take part in the role play exercises to give your team the best ‘real life’ test they can experience. Our quick reference memory aids and electronic sales, negotiation and planning tools ensure that new skills and competencies transfer instantly to the real job. We combine savvy Negotiation with Selling, Insight, Planning and Business Development. Our techniques and tools are integrated to complement each other across these competences as separating these facets leads to conflict in approach.

Sentinel Management Consultants deliver sales, negotiation, planning and finance training courses for our clients worldwide.