Capability & Skills Training

Facilitated Joint Plans

The issue with Customers on developing joint plans…

  • Not all customers are ready to commit to Long-term Joint Category Planning
  • But by category and by contact some customers are capable.

But when the opportunities present, We will be there to lead.

Facilitated Joint Plans

Introducing G.E.T (Growth Engine Transformation)

A Methodology For Long Term Joint Category Planning which accounts for:

  • 3 year AND 1 year outlook- Internal AND external
  • Behavioural AND Business Flexible Process but Commitment Assured

Growth Engine Transformation

Roadmap to Long-Term Joint Category


Rigorous and Complete, Flexibly Applicable, Your way

Tools and Templates

Self completion, Minimise ‘process’, Action Orientated


Internal workshops, External workshops, Process Support


Online, Remote, Face to face

Two Day Workshop

Principles, Practices, Tools & Skills

Customer Engagement

Realistic, Motivating, Results

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