Great progress on the Grocery Code of Conduct for Canada

Loblaw’s announcement of support last week marks a turning point for the Code of Conduct in Canada. Working over the past year with the forward-thinking Canadian suppliers to prepare for winning in a Code environment, I’ve witnessed open concern around Loblaw & Walmart’s lack of support.

Morrisons must sell suppliers a clear turnaround vision

We all have a soft spot for Morrisons. It’s been hard to watch the catastrophic share decline of this former big four bastion. It’s now set to become the sixth-largest supermarket, behind Aldi and Lidl, later this year. Sir Ken Morrison is remembered by employees for his ‘retail is detail’ mantra and driving high in-store standards. The same is now […]

Suppliers: survive the recession by mastering three trends

Don’t allow the pessimism around a new ‘recession’ to drag you into defensive mode. There are many opportunities, and those presented by three trends in particular will make you future fit, or set you on a tragic trajectory, depending on how you embrace them.

How suppliers can create sustainable customer business plans

Last month I wrote about customer business planning (CBP). It clearly struck achord with many suppliers facing the challenges involved. I will answersuppliers’ key questions here with some of our CBP principles at Sentinel MC. The hottest topic is how to navigate the closing of one year at the same timeas setting up the next […]

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