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Grocery Code of Conduct in Canada

1-day workshop focusing on behavioural skills needed to convert breaches of the Code of Conduct into collaborative working relationships.

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Grocery Code of Conduct in Canada

1 Day Workshop

  • Understanding the code in order to establish when it is breached
  • Dealing with ambiguity within the code, and therefore not allowing doubt to result in inaction
  • Pre-empting: using the code effectively as a tool to manage issues before they become breaches
  • Responding effectively and appropriately to a breach of the code
  • Restoring commercial logic to return to a positive value building agenda with the customer
Sentinel x FHCP

Sentinel are delighted to partner with FHCP in support of the Grocery Code of Conduct in Canada

At Sentinel, we have extensive experience of the introduction of a code of conduct in a number of markets around the world, and we have witnessed a significant improvement in the relationships between suppliers and retailers as a result, culminating in a shift towards more collaborative behaviours.
FHCP Member
Key to this is the part that all parties play in bringing the code to life, firstly by knowing the code and changing working practices to live by the code and then importantly by challenging breaches of the code – every day, any time a breach occurs.
In fact, working to pre-empt breaches of the code even before they occur needs to become common behavioural practice in an organisation.
By not shying away from the tough challenges, having the skills and confidence to deal with them and then move on to a more collaborative agenda, organisations and individuals are far more empowered to focus on profit building activity.
We have worked with FHCP as well as our clients in the Canadian market, to develop a training experience to focus on just that:

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