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Sentinel Management Consultants are a global provider of commercial training and consultancy. We train all the key competencies of today’s top commercial managers in one unique coherent system.
Our style is making training real using your business examples instead of theoretical cases. Our consultants are experienced senior commercial managers and top-level negotiators from companies including Carrefour, P&G, Tesco and Coca Cola.
We get ‘under the skin‘ of your issues, bringing training to life.
Real Life Focus

Hard-hitting world-class models that reflect the real world

We are known for bringing a ‘real life’ focus into our development programs. Our use of hard-hitting, real issues and behaviours contrasts with most theoretical training, and results in quantifiable business gains. We have taken care to research and simplify, so that our models are habit forming and ‘catch fire’ in your organisation to create a common language and way of working at every level of the organisation.

We focus on embedding and sustainability and we continually update content to meet the needs of a dynamic marketplace as it evolves over time, whether under the Grocery Supply Code of Practice in the UK, to similar codes in other territories, as well as the everyday challenges bought about by tough trading conditions.


Global reach, local delivery

Our clients include large blue-chip organisations operating in such industries/sectors as FMCG, pharmaceuticals, food service, B2B, financial services and capital goods many of whom we have rolled out programmes from a pilot basis across regions or globally. 

Whilst being experts in these sectors, we focus on supply side organisations so you can be confident we are not training your trading partners, and we will only work with retailers on collaborative agendas.

Sentinel x FHCP

Sentinel are delighted to partner with FHCP in support of the Grocery Code of Conduct in Canada

At Sentinel, we have extensive experience of the introduction of a code of conduct in a number of markets around the world, and we have witnessed a significant improvement in the relationships between suppliers and retailers as a result, culminating in a shift towards more collaborative behaviours.
FHCP Member
Key to this is the part that all parties play in bringing the code to life, firstly by knowing the code and changing working practices to live by the code and then importantly by challenging breaches of the code – every day, any time a breach occurs.
In fact, working to pre-empt breaches of the code even before they occur needs to become common behavioural practice in an organisation.
By not shying away from the tough challenges, having the skills and confidence to deal with them and then move on to a more collaborative agenda, organisations and individuals are far more empowered to focus on profit building activity.
We have worked with FHCP as well as our clients in the Canadian market, to develop a training experience to focus on just that:

Grocery Code of Conduct

1-day workshop focusing on behavioural skills needed to convert breaches of the Code of Conduct into collaborative working relationships

  • Understanding the code in order to establish when it is breached
  • Dealing with ambiguity within the code, and therefore not allowing doubt to result in inaction
  • Pre-empting: using the code effectively as a tool to manage issues before they become breaches
  • Responding effectively and appropriately to a breach of the code
  • Restoring commercial logic to return to a positive value building agenda with the customer

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