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Negotiation – Overview Sentinel’s Situational Negotiation ™ workshops focus on the behaviours in negotiation rather than the relationship they represent and allow delegates to confidently handle any type of negotiation, depending upon the situation they find themselves in. The workshop…

Sentinel’s Situational Negotiation ™ workshops focus on the behaviours in ‘negotiation’ rather than the ‘relationship’ they represent and allow delegates to confidently handle any type of negotiation, depending upon the situation they find themselves in. The workshop is intensively trained over 2 days at one of 3 skill levels by senior ex-Buyers from top blue chip retailers and purchasing organisations utilising real life case studies of delegates to maximise recall.

The Sentinel Situational Model

Behaviours in negotiation break down into four groups and can be predicted in given situations. The groups define only style, not relationship. In today’s commercial environment the best, trained negotiators will mix the behaviours to get impact, exert control and extract money.

We would all like to believe that building relationships and being ‘liked’ will forge successful business outcomes. However, powerful buying organisations actively seek to exploit the weakness in those who seek such a ‘good’ relationship at any cost.

For each of these behaviour groups we provide the competencies and techniques to handle all of the commonly seen tactics. Our approach enables better trading environments by encouraging better behaviours more of the time whilst instilling a confidence to recognise and handle the different types of behaviours and thereby maintain control.

Course Summary

  • 2 days Sentinel Situational Negotiation™ workshop plus a 1 day Embedding Workshop 6 weeks later
  • Trained to one of three different skill levels
  • Trained by ex-senior buyers or procurement professionals using dynamic techniques and an intensive trainer to delegate ratio for maximum impact
  • Focused on you – the skills are trained utilising your real life business situations
  • Individual and Corporate Feedback reports to allow post course focus and benchmarking


  • The Sentinel Situational model – this will allow you to recognise the difference between ‘relationship’ and ‘rapport’ and create better trading environments
  • Easy application – simple to use yet advanced framework with an easy 3 step tool to allow preparation against any negotiation.
  • Learn the ‘games’ buyers play – the tactics they deploy to put you off your pitch and critically how to disarm those tactics and move your meetings on to a more productive level and create a lasting rapport based on a mutual respect.
  • Drive confidence and ambition of your team in dealing with negotiations
  • Improved internal alignment and communication through adoption of a common approach and unified team roles

Our clients report a 30 fold return against the course cost within 10 weeks

This workshop is also part of the Sentinel Total Commercial Call™ Programme that combines Sentinel Situational Negotiation™ with the Sentinel selling workshop, Specific Proposal Selling™ to create a total commercial system. Click here to be taken to the programme detail.

Note that we also run open programmes in Situational Negotiation for one or two delegates. For more information click here.

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